Friday, July 14, 2006

Would you like some more of that?

I don't have to be at work until 5 PM and was looking forward to staying in bed and reading a book (Life of Pi by Yann Martel - Man Booker Prize winner from a few years ago), a book that took only a few sentences to have me hooked.

However, lying in bed, I can't concentrate on the book. Instead I think of this new blog that I've started, and how I need to write something. I don't have a particular story I feel the need to get off my chest, but nonetheless, I feel I need to write something. My old blog, the official one, doesn't have a comments function, so I never knew if anyone other than my family and friends ever read it, and so I had no feeling of a responsibility to post something new.

Even just the few comments I've received on the first entry I wrote on this blog makes me realise that there are in fact people out there. People who may (!) be interested in what I have to say and that in turn gives me a feeling similar to the one I have when I have people over to my house. I want to feed them.. Physically with good food and wine and intellectually with interesting company and conversation. That's how I feel about you, internet. I want to make you fat. In the good way.


At 03:49, Blogger BlueLoverGirl said...

in your first post you said you wanted to use this blog to talk about the real stuff, so you could be totally anonymous....what's on your mind??? Tell us:) We will listen


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